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« KRON 4 News Weekend The Bay Area's latest news of the weekend, topics of interest in the community, weather forecasts and sports scores are presented by the news team.
Joel Osteen A weekly sermon from the Lakewood Church in Houston.
In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley The Third Step - Service (New, TV-G) Dr. Charles Stanley discusses the plan God has for His children, and explains that the reason why He has gifted believers with talents, abilities, and skills.
Bay Area Living: Renewal by Andersen Home Safety Baths While revealing safety measures to utilize, Vicki views the potential dangers that can take place in baths, as people recall injuries and other trauma.
« KRON 4 Bay Area 24/7 News Channel Instant news, weather and traffic information. Local updates, news features, and breaking news as it happens from the KRON 4 News team.
Bewitched Just a Kid Again (TV-G) After learning that a clerk wished to be a child again, Tabitha makes him one, and he decides to stay that way until learning of a problem with his girlfriend.
Bewitched TV or Not TV (TV-G) Tabitha pops into her favorite television show and makes two puppets come to life; impressed by her abilities, the show's sponsors make Tabitha the new star.
Bewitched Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland (TV-G) Tabitha brings Hansel and Gretel to life, but when she goes into their storybook, she has a nasty run-in with the witch and needs rescuing by Samantha.
Bewitched Tabitha's First Day at School (TV-G) On Tabitha's first day of school, a naughty boy teases her, so she uses her powers to turn him into a frog; Samantha sneaks into the school and fixes the mess.
Mister Ed Taller Than She (TV-G) Ed realizes that the female horse he is in love with is taller than him.
Mister Ed Home Sweet Trailer (TV-G) Wilbur's former Air Force commander comes to town and sets up his trailer in the Post's back yard, and Ed feels like his territory is being invaded.
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